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About Us


Here is a little about us, why we started the company, our mission, and the services we provide.

Founded in in 2021 as a family business by two Star Wars collectors, Galactic Underworld aims to bring you the highest quality collectibles from across the galaxy. We understand that what you are looking for is rare and of higher quality, which is why we founded this company with collectors in mind. We hope to bring you products and collectibles not found at many other stores.

Whether its high-quality statues, artwork, action figures, or models you seek, Galactic Underworld is here to smuggle them all, with fast and secure shipping to the continental U.S. We take care to package each shipment with several layers of protection, to ensure your collectible makes it to you in one piece. And don’t worry…we won’t drop your cargo at the first sign of an Imperial ship!

With a variety of goods from every corner of the galaxy, we strive to provide high quality customer service to each of our customers, and a quick and easy buying experience each time you shop with us.

We are located in Wrightsville, PA and service York, PA and Lancaster, PA as we are located between the two. Stop by and see all we have in stock.

Questions, concerns, or suggestions of any kind are welcome and can be sent to support@galacticunderworld.com. Thank you for considering us, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and check back on our website for updates on new and featured products. And be sure to tell your family and friends about us!


Star Wars

We have a large selection of different Star Wars items. Some of them you will not find in York or Lancaster.

Models and Supplies

We have a ranged of different models to choose from. If you are in need of paints, brushes cutters, or other supplies we have them as well.

Local Support

The best part is when you visit our store you will receive unmatched and quicker service.